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Sabbaghizadeh Trading with more than 6 decades of experience in the field of customs clearance, import and export, commercial services and having an official license from the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the use of experienced and specialized personnel in clearance, benefiting retirees Customs, and complete control over customs laws and regulations, and with the help of God Almighty has been able to gain the trust and support of traders and traders in various industries.

Customs clearance is one of the most important stages of foreign trade and commerce. In fact, using experienced work clearance and observing the correct principles of declaration of goods in customs and knowing the correct tariff and value of goods, has significantly reduced the cost of imported goods and In a competitive environment, business will bring profit to the merchant.

Sabbaghizadeh South Trading with technical and specialized knowledge in this field and with the knowledge of the latest customs laws and regulations, goods of traders and owners of goods are cleared from customs in the shortest possible time and in order to achieve this important goal, with the aim of obtaining satisfaction And the peace of mind of customers, and doing things based on honesty and maintaining business secrets of customers, is ready to cooperate with merchants and traders in various industries.

our customers

Amin Carpet Company

Badr Company

China China Company

Mino Company

Pleasant company

Pardis Negin Semnan Technology Company

Zhikawa Company

Bajak Company

Aref Shimi Industries Company

Sahand Rubber Industries Company

Makran Lantern Phenomenon Development Company

Bahrain Paint Company

Safe Machine Company

Azin Naghshnegar Shargh Company

Subarzin Company

Heating company

Tehran Ramtin Company

Iran Automobile Company

Unique Sane Investment Company

Zaveh Torbat Cement Company

Company Pharmaceuticals

Zarrin Baspar Iranian Company

Qeshm Marine Magic Company

Tehran Zist Company

Other customers

  • Bahador Document Paper Company
  • Novin Gostar Hyrkanian Company
  • Fakhim Azin Parsi Company
  • Rojen Tak Choob Company
  • Thermoclorn Company
  • Urmia Gold Packaging and Industrial Printing Company
  • Garmsar Fanavaran Company
  • Paya Plastic Polymer Company
  • Pars Industrial Inks and Inks Company
  • Parnian Printing Company
  • Resin wrapping industry company
  • Iran Carbon Loose Paper Company
  • Sepahan Carpet Manufacturing and Industrial Company
  • Building Chemical Industry Company
  • Paint Coating Chemistry Company
  • Iran Reef Industries Company

Excerpts from the biography of the late Haj Mohammad Rasoul Sabbaghizadeh

Mohammad Rasoul Sabbaghizadeh, the son of Mohammad Rafi, was born in 1303 in the Oz section of Larestan, Fars province.

As a child, he went to school at home and taught the Qur’an, and then studied in a school called Mushfaq at that time, and continued his education until the sixth grade of the old system. Then he went to Bandar Abbas for business with his father. The famous merchants of Bandar Abbas Kashgol became active and took care of their parents at that time. There are six children.

At that time, he also participated in public and negative work, which made him known as a trustee and one of the trustees of Bandar Abbas, who has enjoyed this divine gift until the end of his life.

Due to his commercial activity and reputation, he became a member of Bandar Abbas Chamber of Commerce in 1975. After the glorious Islamic Revolution, he was elected as a government representative in the former gendarmerie and anti-trafficking headquarters by the late Haqqani MP. He supervised abroad. In 1981, he was elected a member of the board of directors of the Bandar Abbas Chamber in the Iran Chamber.

From 1983 to 1993, he worked as the chairman of Bandar Abbas Chamber of Commerce, during which time he was an active member of the Prisoners Support Association of the province and an active member of the Office of Public Participation and Welfare. He has also been in charge of the bankers of Bandar Abbas and has also been the chairman of the Guild Affairs Association (Guild Chamber) for several years.

Finally, he passed away in May 1998 at the age of 74 and was buried in Bandar Abbas.

God bless him.

Resume of Mr. Sabbaghizadeh

Name and surname: Mohammad Amin Sabbaghizadeh
Father Name: Mohammad Rasoul
Born: 11/04/1333 Issued on Bandar Abbas National Code: 33911365145

Education: Master of Business Administration and DBA Business Management Course

work experience :

  1. Head of Hormozgan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (4 terms)
  2. President of Bandar Abbas Customs Brokers Union (5 terms)
  3. First Vice President of Iran-UAE Chamber of Commerce (3 terms)
  4. First Vice President of Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce (3 terms)
  5. First Deputy Chairman of the Transport and Transit Commission of the Iran Chamber
  6. Member of the board of directors of Iran-Oman business location
  7. Vice Chairman of the Board of Language School (English) Mehrdad
  8. Founder and Chairman of the Board of Hemmat Orphans and Disabled Care Center
  9. Representative of the Chamber of Commerce in the headquarters for attracting and supporting investment
  10. Member of the Commercial Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce
  11. Member of the Board of Representatives of the Iranian Chamber (4 terms)
  12. Main member of the Board of Trustees of Standard Partner Laboratories.

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